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Our Nucycl® technology converts cotton waste into new fiber, which can be reformed again and again.

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  • German Innovation Awards

Gold winner German Innovation Award

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Gold Winner German Innovation Award

Gold Excellence in Business to Business Materials & Surfaces



Evrnu's first technology »NuCycl« creates a closed-loop system where textile waste can be collected and converted into virgin fibre on a continuous cycle. The resulting performance characteristics (e.g. fibre strength, durability) can surpass the virgin fibre it replaces. This technology platform can replace 90% of textile fibres in the market and convert the default "one and done" resource utilisation into a circular system, helping to significantly reduce the resource depletion, waste accumulation and environmental damage mentioned above.

Jury statement

Every year, millions of tonnes of textiles from the fashion industry end up in landfill, which both pollutes the environment and is harmful to the climate. The »NuCycl« technology developed by Evrnu creates a closed-loop system that is capable of replacing 90% of textile fibres on the market, thereby not only conserving resources but also reducing CO₂ emissions. This sustainable system has the potential to revolutionise the textile and fashion industry.



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