Evrnu® is a textile innovations company that has invented an entirely new kind of engineered fiber made from discarded clothing.

PANGAIA LAB powered by Evrnu presents:The RENU Jacket

The RENU Jacket

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Evrnu® is a textile innovations company creating a circular ecosystem.

Evrnu technologies are used to create engineered fibers with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages, made from discarded clothing.

NuCycl Technologies by Evrnu include:

  • Regenerative Cellulosics 
  • Next generation regenerative Cellulosic solvent systems
  • Regenerative Polyester
  • Recoverable Stretch
  • Bio Engineered Fibers

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Your favorite t-shirt from college, those jeans you wore until they fell apart, live on. 

Discarded textiles are an untapped natural resource. Evrnu's suite of innovative NuCycl™ technologies are designed to help the global textile industry grow by unlocking the full potential of the world's existing natural resources. A future where textile producers, apparel brands, retailers and consumers realize a lasting change in environmental impact is becoming a reality by eliminating waste, lowering carbon footprints, and achieving substantial water savings.

Introducing NuCycl technology by Evrnu

Evrnu is the inventor and intellectual property owner of a wide range of NuCycl™ regenerative fiber technologies, which enable entirely new products to be made from discarded clothing, not just once but multiple times. Even the toughest type of textile waste – 100% post-consumer – can be turned into new materials with NuCycl.

The opportunity is equal to the problem

An estimated 92 million tons of waste is created annually from the fashion industry. With innovative new thinking and new technologies, we have the opportunity to take what is being wasted and transform it into a resource. NuCycl by Evrnu is a powerful solution to the problem of textile waste.

Source: Global Fashion Agenda and the Boston Consulting Group, Inc (2017), Pulse of the Fashion Industry

More than a company. A commitment.

Our founders are committed to developing new solutions that enable the textile industry to grow by extending existing resources.

  • Stacy Flynn, CEO and Co-Founder of Evrnu

    Stacy Flynn is the CEO and founding partner of Evrnu. She is an accomplished global textile product specialist and sustainable systems expert. She drives Evrnu's mission, market positioning and branding.

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  • Christopher Stanev, President and Co-Founder of Evrnu

    Christopher Stanev is the CTO and a founding partner of Evrnu. He is a distinguished textile engineer with numerous inventions and patents. He leads development and deployment of Evrnu technologies.

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Featured Brand Partners

The Evrnu team is proud to work in collaboration with leading global brands seeking sustainable alternatives for textile recycling and better, closed loop solutions to combat the industry challenge of textile waste.

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“Evrnu is one of the leading organizations working to ensure clothes never become waste. Through their innovative technology and materials, and with exciting partnerships to bring those to market, they are playing an important part in creating a circular economy for fashion.”

– Francois Souchet, Lead Make Fashion Circular – Ellen MacArthur Foundation