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Our Nucycl® technology converts cotton waste into new fiber, which can be reformed again and again.

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We’re Proud To Be a B Corp

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We’re proud to be B Corp Certified

Since 2018, we’ve been part of the ever-growing B Corp community, sharing an important responsibility and an unwavering commitment to use business as a force for good.

We hold a companywide belief that our business is based on a model of reciprocity: creating balance between what we give and what we take. We strive to responsibly use resources at their highest and best use and waste nothing: time, money, resources.

– Stacy Flynn, CEO and Co-Founder

What a B Corp Certification means

B Corps harness the power of business, using profit and growth as a means to a greater end. Working together, we accelerate a global culture shift, redefining business success to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy, which benefits employees, strengthens communities, and fortifies the environment.

In order to become B Corp Certified, we answered a set of questions and provided evidence to prove that we could demonstrate high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving, to supply chain practices and input materials.

Our B Impact Score

BCorp Impact Score GraphTo qualify as a B Corp business, a score of 80 points or more is needed. We’re proud to say that our overall score is 81.2, spanning across the five key areas, and that we have been recognized for having two Impact Business Models (IBMs) across Governance and Environment. Companies with IBMs have been awarded for creating a high level of social or environmental impact for one of the key stakeholder groups, whether that’s workers, the community, environment, or customers.

Governance: 17.8

Workers: 31.4

Community: 12.6

Environment: 18.1

Customers: 1.1

What this means for the future

Becoming certified is just the beginning. Although we scored above the minimum score, our B Corp journey is far from over. Now, we’ll concentrate on what comes next. Our environmental impact potential is not yet reflected in our B Corp score, so our biggest focus is to start our facility and commercial production, which will enable people and the planet to start benefiting from our fiber’s circular nature.

As always, we’ll stay true to our promise, working hard to find ways to fly the B Corp flag high, drive positive impact further, and continue to use our business as a force for good. As a B Corp business, this is our responsibility. We are held accountable for our actions, goals and progress, details of which are shared each year in our annual impact report.

Together, we will continue to reshape the future of the textile industry and supply chain, while staying true to our key values as a committed B Corp Certified business.



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