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Our Nucycl® technology converts cotton waste into new fiber, which can be reformed again and again.

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PANGAIA LAB powered by Evrnu presents:The RENU Jacket

By Tim Ross

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The World's First NuCycl® Denim Jacket

Made Entirely From Textile Waste

New York, NY, February 16, 2023 - Materials Science Brand PANGAIA releases its latest innovation through PANGAIA Lab. Made from textile innovations company Evrnu’s NuCycl® , the ‘RENU’ jacket marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s journey of material innovation as it’s their first denim product made entirely from cotton textile waste.  

PANGAIA Lab is the discovery platform within PANGAIA, bringing advanced technology to lifestyle goods, making it possible for people to wear the future, now. The partnership with Evrnu was born through a mutual mission to find replacements for high resource fibers such as cotton, and to harness the value of materials already in circulation, rather than fossil fuel, animal-derived, or virgin fibers. The ‘RENU’ jacket marks the world’s first denim product entirely made from NuCycl®

“Evrnu represents the very best of innovation, in the space of recycled fibers. We have been on a long journey together as partners and we are delighted to be bringing out our first product together, demonstrating the extraordinary potential for superior quality from recycling technologies.“ - Dr. Amanda Parkes, Chief Innovation Officer

EVRNU’s NuCycl® Technology

EVRNU’s NuCycl® is a fiber created from pre- and post-consumer textile waste. It is up to 4 times stronger than other cellulosic fibers including cotton and most MMCF and can be recycled up to 5 times without loss in performance or quality. Using NuCycl® helps divert textile waste away from landfill and incineration and reduces the industry’s reliance on cotton, MMCF, nylon, and polyester.

Unlike mechanically recycled cotton, NuCycl® does not need to be blended with any virgin fiber and allows more recycling cycles, making it a significantly less resource intensive alternative to cotton or polyester.

“We are thrilled to partner with PANGAIA which shares our drive to unlock the future of materials and technology for the fashion industry,” says Stacy Flynn, Evrnu CEO & Co-Founder. “Our mission is to help brands create clothing out of recycled materials that are not only of the highest quality but can also continue to be recycled. We are delighted by the growing market demand for Nucycl.”

The ‘RENU’ jacket is part of the PANGAIA modern wardrobe - with an oversized fit, it is intended to be styled over a hoodie. With this limited launch, PANGAIA’s signature material textblock is replaced with the edition number of the jacket. 

Starting February 16th, the RENU Jacket will be available for $400 on


PANGAIA is a materials science company on a mission to save our environment. We are a global collective of one heart and many hands - scientists, technologists, designers - creating essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials. 

About Evrnu

Evrnu has invented era-defining polymer regeneration technologies that address one of the biggest environmental challenges of our times: textile waste. With Evrnu's Nucycl technologies, discarded clothing is broken down and transformed into a pristine new fiber engineered to provide extraordinary performance characteristics for creating new premium textile products. Recognized as one of TIME Magazine's Best Inventions of 2022, Nucycl technologies are key to making the circular economy a reality. Evrnu works with the world's leading brands and retailers who seek to meet product performance and environmental challenges through innovation and offers environment-sparing alternatives for the world's highest demand fibers. and



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